about me


My name is Marques Ruiz, and I am a photographer.

Specializing in portrait photography, I work with my subjects to make tangible pieces of work we will never forget. In addition to portrait photography, I also create content for social media. My areas of expertise include digital photography, film photography, and videography. I want the clients and the brand that I serve to walk away from every experience with me feeling positive and satisfied.


Beyond my life behind the camera, I am a vegetarian, I enjoy documentaries, and I listen to lo-fi hip-hop. Born on an army base in North Carolina, I grew up in New Jersey, the place that I still call home. I was in sixth grade when my obsession with photography cropped up in earnest, my father’s camcorder an object of great expression to me.


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onetwentysix by Marques Ruiz.

onetwentysix by Marques Ruiz.